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UPCAST® – the leading upward continuous casting technology – offers you unmatched versatility. High quality of cast product, wide capacity range, easy variation of output and product mix together with unique upgradability are characteristic of every UPCAST® line whether in single- or double-furnace configuration. Now all this comes with energy efficient and environmentally sound GREENerCAST features.

WIRE Maximum versatility. minimum costs

UPCAST® – Wires

The majority of delivered UPCAST® lines are for rod – both Cu-OF and alloys.

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Tube - Small grains, Big gains


UPCAST®-SGTube can be cast with a wide range of outer diameters and it comes in heavy coils ready for direct drawing to final products.

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UPCAST® Spare Parts, Upgrades and modernisations

UPCAST® – Customer Support

UPCAST OY is the exclusive source of original UPCAST® spare parts and consumables ensuring reliable and cost-efficient operation of your casting line.

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UPCAST OY and ASMAG combined their expertise and created a revolutionary process for copper semi-finished products —  taking cost-efficiency to new heights.

UCT Asmac Cast&Draw / Draw Cast&Form

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